The development of JOVIAL

  title={The development of JOVIAL},
  author={Jules I. Schwartz},
The time was late 1958. Computers that those who were involved with the first JOVIAL project had been using included the JOHNNIAC (built at Rand Corporation), the IBM AN/FSQ-7 (for SAGE), 701, and 704. A few had worked with board wired calculators. Some had never programmed. For those using IBM, the 709 was the current machine. There were various other manufacturers at the time, some of whom do not exist today as computer manufacturers. The vacuum tube was still in vogue, Very large memories… 

History of IBM's Technical Contributions to High Level Programming Languages

  • J. Sammet
  • Computer Science
    IBM J. Res. Dev.
  • 1981
IBM's technical contributions to high level programming languages from the viewpoint of specific languages and their contributions to the technology are discussed.

Computer Security Discourse at RAND, SDC, and NSA (1958-1970)

  • T. Misa
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 2016
New evidence about two early multilevel access, time-sharing systems, SDC's Q-32 and NSA's RYE, and its security-related consequences for both the 1967 SJCC session and 1970 Ware Report are described.

Computer Security Discourse at RAND, SDC, and NSA (1958–1970)

New evidence about two early multilevel access, time-sharing systems, SDC's Q-32 and NSA's RYE, are described and the security-related consequences for both the 1967 SJCC session and 1970 Ware report are outlined.

Integrating system and software engineering processes using the views and viewpoints of a new discipline

  • S. White
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2014 IEEE International Systems Conference Proceedings
  • 2014
This paper presents the case that a new specialized system engineering discipline is needed on complex software intensive projects, in addition to the overall systems engineer, to bridge the fields

A Bibliography of Publications in ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 1970{1979

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The Primer contains all of the information found in Part 2, the Grammar and Lexicon, but it is not meant to supersede that document, since the organization of material in the two documents differs considerably.

Preliminary report: international algebraic language

This appears to be a natural method for a 256 memory machine, if it had good indexing and looping features and the contribution of the left-hand term becomes proportionately large enough such that it alone might be used within accuracy limits after a certain number of digits are developed.

A Description of a Cooperative Venture in the Production of an Automatic Coding System

The purpose of this paper is to point out that PACT is the product of a different sort of co-operative undertaking, to let the machine do a larger share of the work of preparing a problem for machine computation.

Algorithm for analyzing logical statements to produce a truth function table

The purpose of the analog being presented is to transform the logical statement into a table of conditions and their associated transfer points, concerned mainly with the linkage of conditions.

Review of "Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals, by (Miss) Jean E. Sammet." Prentice-Hall, Inc. (1969)

The introduction of DATA BASE as a new quarterly journa l of SIGBDP to replace the former Newsletter provided a n opportunity to reconsider the style, format, and functio n of a "Book Reviews" column

Programming languages - history and fundamentals

  • J. Sammet
  • Psychology
    Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation
  • 1969
We may not be able to make you love reading, but programming languages history and fundamentals will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window to open the new world. The world

The Air Force

(1920). The Air Force. Royal United Services Institution. Journal: Vol. 65, No. 457, pp. 43-70.

JOVIAL -Primer #i

  • JOVIAL -Primer #i
  • 1959

Grammar and Lexicon for Basic JOVIAL

  • Grammar and Lexicon for Basic JOVIAL
  • 1968

JOVIAL I /O (7090)

  • Paramus , NJ: System Development Corporation SDC Report FN-L0-34-3 , $1.
  • 1961