The development and application of optogenetics.

  title={The development and application of optogenetics.},
  author={Lief E Fenno and O. Yizhar and K. Deisseroth},
  journal={Annual review of neuroscience},
  • Lief E Fenno, O. Yizhar, K. Deisseroth
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of neuroscience
  • Genetically encoded, single-component optogenetic tools have made a significant impact on neuroscience, enabling specific modulation of selected cells within complex neural tissues. As the optogenetic toolbox contents grow and diversify, the opportunities for neuroscience continue to grow. In this review, we outline the development of currently available single-component optogenetic tools and summarize the application of various optogenetic tools in diverse model organisms. 
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