The determination of reducing corticoids in urine.

  title={The determination of reducing corticoids in urine.},
  author={I Broadbent and J. P. NEWHOUSE and W. Klyne},
  journal={Journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={6 3},
During the last few years many chemical methods have been described for the estimation of corticosteroid-like (corticoid) substances in urine (for reviews see Callow, 1950; Lieberman and Dobriner, 1951; Robinson and Warren, 1951; Samuels and Reich, 1952). The simpler methods depend on the reducing properties of the a-ketol side-chain (CO.CH2OH) at C-17. Other more elaborate methods involve liberation of formaldehyde from the side-chain by periodic acid, or a colour reaction with phenylhydrazine… CONTINUE READING