The determination of longitudinal dispersion coefficients in rivers.

  title={The determination of longitudinal dispersion coefficients in rivers.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a C. Palancar and Jos{\'e} M. Arag{\'o}n and Fernando S{\'a}nchez and Roberto Sanz Gil},
  journal={Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation},
  volume={75 4},
The dispersion coefficient of several sections of two Spanish rivers (Tagus and Ebro) is calculated using different methods. The aim of the study is to accurately know the effects of accidental leaks from two nuclear power plants that are placed upstream. Experimental data from tracer injections as well as data from hydraulic parameters were used to calculate the dispersion coefficient. Two methods based on tracer curves fit the experimental data well. One method is based on the time at which… CONTINUE READING