The detective quantum efficiency of television x-ray detectors.


Television area x-ray detectors measure the incident x-ray flux as a function of position. The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) expresses the precision of the flux measurement relative to that of an ideal detector. The gain, quantum efficiency, and statistical and noise properties of x-ray convertors, image intensifiers, fiber optics or lenses, and CCD sensors or vidicon tubes are described and used to develop a formulation of the DQE for a general television detector.

DOI: 10.3233/XST-1992-3301

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@article{Kalata1992TheDQ, title={The detective quantum efficiency of television x-ray detectors.}, author={Kathryn E. Kalata and Michael A. Stanton and William A. Phillips}, journal={Journal of X-ray science and technology}, year={1992}, volume={3 3}, pages={157-65} }