The design of soft handoff in IP-based CDMA system

  title={The design of soft handoff in IP-based CDMA system},
  author={Huaying Zhou and Ningjun Liu and Liang Jin},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE 6th Circuits and Systems Symposium on Emerging Technologies: Frontiers of Mobile and Wireless Communication (IEEE Cat. No.04EX710)},
  pages={141-144 Vol.1}
It is an inevitable trend that the CDMA systems combine with the IP network. Realizing the IP-based CDMA systems brings many challenges, among which is the design of soft handoff. In soft handoff, data should arrive in a synchronized way for combination. However, the uncertainty of the transmit delay in IP network is inherent. The contradiction is a key problem in realization. This work presents a double-loop feedback algorithm to resolve this problem, and an improved one is also provided. 

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