The design and translation of ORL: An object retrieval language

  title={The design and translation of ORL: An object retrieval language},
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Object-oriented query language access to relational databases: A semantic framework for query translation
This research investigates and approach to query processing in a multidatabase system that uses an objectoriented model to capture the semantics of other data models, thereby extending the meta database with semantic information about the local schemas.
A heterogeneous, active database architecture for engineering data management
Abstract This paper presents an architecture for engineering data management that incorporates current work on engineering product standards as well as current work in database research. In
Migration of Multi-class Objects in Information Systems
A model of multi-class objects which enables object dynamics, which is an expanded version of the basic object model, is presented and Migration operators and an object migration language (OML) are presented.


A query algebra for object-oriented databases
  • G. Shaw, S. Zdonik
  • Computer Science
    [1990] Proceedings. Sixth International Conference on Data Engineering
  • 1990
An algebra that synthesizes relational query concepts with object-oriented databases is defined and support for object identity leads to new definitions for equality of results and operators that can manipulate the identities of objects.
A data model and query language for EXODUS
The EXTRA and EXCESS data model and query language are presented and are intended to serve as a test vehicle for tools developed under the EXODUS extensible database system project.
An investigation of the view update problem for object-oriented views
  • S. Urban, K. Chalmers
  • Computer Science
    Eleventh Annual International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communication [1992 Conference Proceedings]
  • 1992
The contribution of this research is the development of an approach for analyzing semantic constraints associated with the view intension to identify alternative view update translations and identify potential update side effects.
ARIEL - A Semantic Front-End to Relational DBMSs
This paper introduces the query language ARIEL, a language which retains the formal precision of relational languages such as SQL and QUEL, while exploiting the greater expressiveness of a semantic
The database language GEM
GEM is designed as an easy-to-use extension of the relational language QUEL, providing support for the notions of entities with surrogates, aggregation, generalization, null values, and set-valued attributes.
The functional data model and the data languages DAPLEX
This paper presents and motivates the DAPLEX language and the underlying data model on which it is based.
The POSTGRES Data Model
  • L. Rowe, M. Stonebraker
  • Computer Science
    Research Foundations in Object-Oriented and Semantic Database Systems
  • 1987
The data model for POSTGRES, a next-generation extensible database management system being developed at the University of California StR86, is described, a relational model that has been extended with abstract data types, data of type procedure, and attribute and procedure inheritance.
Readings in Object-Oriented Database Systems
The interface, implementation, and use of a server process that is used as a backend by an object-oriented database system responsible for managing objects on secondary storage, managing transactions, and implementing a simple form of trigger are summarized.