The design and manufacturing of new micro nebulizer

  title={The design and manufacturing of new micro nebulizer},
  author={S. Shen and S. N. Liou and Y. R. Wang and C. P. Chien and Y. C. Chen and C. S. Yen and I. K. Pan and C. J. Lee and C. W. Yang and M. R. Wang},
  journal={2004 2nd IEEE/EMBS International Summer School on Medical Devices and Biosensors},
The application of spray device to treat respiratory disease has been effective for a long time. Moreover, the clinical studies show that if the droplet size is finer, the deeper position of the trachea could be reached. With an eye on enhancing the curative effect, this paper proposed a novel nebulizer integrating the piezoelectric actuator, micro nozzle… CONTINUE READING