The depiction of America on Martin Waldseemüller’s world map from 1507—Humanistic geography in the service of political propaganda

  title={The depiction of America on Martin Waldseem{\"u}ller’s world map from 1507—Humanistic geography in the service of political propaganda},
  author={Martin E. Lehmann},
  journal={Cogent Arts \& Humanities},
Abstract This paper demonstrates that the depiction of America on Waldseemüller’s world map of 1507, regardless of its apparently modern depiction, was not a rendering based primarily on geographical knowledge of new discoveries across the Atlantic Ocean. On the contrary, this depiction of America should instead be considered to have been much more influenced by the extremely powerful political and economic interests of the Portuguese Crown and the southern German-trading houses in the… 

The Carta Marina of Martin Waldseemüller from 1516 – political geography in context of the struggle for the spices of Southeast India

Abstract This paper demonstrates that the highly accurate depiction of the Indian Ocean on the Carta marina of Martin Waldseemueller from 1516 is mainly caused by the extremely powerful political and

Cartographic image of Serbia and other neighboring countries on the Balkan Peninsula on the maps of Martin Waldseemüller from early 16th century

Martin Waldseemüller has a special place in the history of European cartography and geography, due to the original cartographic works that influenced the expansion of the geographical horizons of

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resumen En este artículo formulamos una serie de hipótesis sobre las enigmáticas representaciones cartográficas de 1507 de Martin Waldseemüller haciendo hincapié en los vínculos existentes entre su



Amerigo Vespucci and His Alleged Awareness of America as a Separate Land Mass

ABSTRACT The Florentine Amerigo Vespucci is widely believed to have been the first European to realize on his third voyage (May 1501 to September 1502) that America was a separate land mass,

Between India and the Indies: German mercantile networks, the struggle for the imperial crown and the naming of the New World

In 1507, the excitement over the publication of the Mundus Novus led to the naming of a new continent on the map, a globe and a learned treatise as an appendix to an edition of a work by Ptolemy

Warping Waldseemüller: A Phenomenological and Computational Study of the 1507 World Map

  • John W. Hessler
  • Environmental Science
    Cartogr. Int. J. Geogr. Inf. Geovisualization
  • 2006
This study compares the outline of South America on the Waldseemuller map using several related computational methods to find the shape and location of the South American continent on the 1507 map is chronometrically problematic.

Lehmann, Martin, Die Cosmographiae Introductio Matthias Ringmanns und die Weltkarte Martin Waldseemüllers aus dem Jahre 1507. Ein Meilenstein frühneuzeitlicher Kartographie

Cet ouvrage revient sur un document extremement celebre de l’histoire de la geographie et de la cartographie : la mappemonde que Martin Waldseemuller, savant proche du duc Rene II de Lorraine, publia

Bemerkungen zur „Jubiläumshistoriographie“ am Beispiel „500 Jahre Martin Waldseemüller und der Name Amerika“

Seit dem Jahre 1992 häufen sich Amerika-bezogene 500-jährige Jubiläen, denen in Europa je nach größerem oder geringerem nationalem Bezug mehr oder weniger intensiv gedacht wird, zumal mit den

Historische Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

Digitale Angebote der Historischen Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschafte Munchen

Fonti italiane per la storia della scoperta del nuovo mondo

  • Reale Commissione Colombiana del quarto centario della scoperta dell ’ America ( Ed . ) , Raccolta di documenti e studi
  • 1892

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