The demography of primary biliary cirrhosis in Ontario, Canada.

  title={The demography of primary biliary cirrhosis in Ontario, Canada.},
  author={H Witt-Sullivan and Jenny Heathcote and K Cauch and Laurie Blendis and Cameron N. Ghent and Amanda B. Katz and Ruth Milner and S C Pappas and Jim Rankin and Ian R Wanless},
  volume={12 1},
The demographics of primary biliary cirrhosis in Ontario, Canada, are described. Two hundred and twenty-five primary biliary cirrhosis patients were identified by 85 of 502 gastroenterologists (or internists) practicing in Ontario acute care hospitals that have 150 or more beds. Two hundred and six patients were verified as being antimitochondrial antibody-positive, resulting in an incidence of 3.26 per million per year and a prevalence of 22.39 per million. Questionnaire data were obtained on… CONTINUE READING

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