The democratic movement in Italy, 1830-1876

  title={The democratic movement in Italy, 1830-1876},
  author={Clara Maria Lovett},

Growing Up in a Progressive Environment

  • A. Dröscher
  • Plants and Politics in Padua During the Age of Revolution, 1820–1848
  • 2021

Padua’s Networks

  • A. Dröscher
  • Business
    Plants and Politics in Padua During the Age of Revolution, 1820–1848
  • 2021

I piccoli cospiratori. Politica ed emozioni nei primi mazziniani

hero, an appellation he would henceforth never lose. The myth-making so necessary for the creation of a fascist culture found in Puccini and especially in his last opera a convenient site for such an

Regime Type and Diffusion in Comparative Politics Methodology

Abstract. In recent years, several prominent political scientists have argued that quantitative and qualitative methodologies should be seen as united by a single logic of scientific inference. Just

Italy's Social Revolution: Charity and Welfare from Liberalism to Fascism

Abbreviations Preface PART I: THE SOCIAL MISSION OF NINETEENTH-CENTURY LIBERALISM Introduction: The Old Charitable Order and Promise of Good Government Reform and the Risorgimento State and Society

Global Violence and Nationalizing Wars in Eurasia and America: The Geopolitics of War in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

  • M. Geyer
  • History, Political Science
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1996
The histories of Germany and the United States became deeply entangled in the century of total war. After (re)unification on the battlefield in the midnineteenth century, both countries underwent

Avant-Garde Florence: From Modernism to Fascism

They envisaged a brave new world, and what they got was fascism. As vibrant as its counterparts in Paris, Munich, and Milan, the avant-garde of Florence rose on a wave of artistic, political and