The degradation potential of PET bottles in the marine environment: An ATR-FTIR based approach

  title={The degradation potential of PET bottles in the marine environment: An ATR-FTIR based approach},
  author={Christos Ioakeimidis and Katerina Fotopoulou and Hrissi K. Karapanagioti and Maria Geraga and Christina Zeri and Enangelos Papathanassiou and François Galgani and George Papatheodorou},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
The dominance and persistence of plastic debris in the marine environment are well documented. No information exists in respect to their lifespan in the marine environment. Nevertheless, the degradation potential of plastic litter items remains a critical issue for marine litter research. In the present study, polyethylene terephthalate bottles (PETs) collected from the submarine environment were characterized using ATR-FTIR in respect to their degradation potential attributed to environmental… CONTINUE READING
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