The dangers of hurling—genital injuries arising in the modern game

  title={The dangers of hurling—genital injuries arising in the modern game},
  author={Robert Anthony Keenan and Aisling Nic An R{\'i}ogh and Adriana Mart{\'i}n Fuentes and P{\'a}draig J A Daly and Ivor M Cullen},
  journal={Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -)},
ObjectiveTo assess the proportion of penoscrotal injuries arising from the sport of hurling and to assess work-up and management of each injury.MethodsUsing Hospital In-Patient Enquiry data, all penoscrotal injuries occurring over a 10-year period between 2007 and 2017 were identified and assessed. Chart review, imaging reports, operative notes and discharge summaries were used to identify the aetiology of each injury and those occurring due to hurling were selected for analysis. Investigations… 


Blunt testicular trauma – is surgical exploration necessary?
The experience shows that blunt scrotal trauma can be safely managed conservatively and may reduce the risk of atrophy compared to case series where the testis was surgically explored.
Kidney and testicle injuries in team and individual sports: data from the national pediatric trauma registry.
Abdominal injuries are rare in children who play team and individual contact sports, although the risk to kidney and spleen is equal in basketball, and should help families and schools when assessing risk to genitourinary organs during these activities.
A 10-year review of sports-related spinal injuries
Sport is an important cause of spinal injury among young people in Ireland and this study contributes to the understanding of these injuries aetiology, pattern and mechanism of injury and allows constructive recommendations for injury prevention and management.
Injury in elite county-level hurling: a prospective study
Injury incidence from match-play in particular is high compared with other sports, and the findings have relevance for clinicians and coaches.
Sports-related testicular injuries and the use of protective equipment among young male athletes.
Previously reported rates of testicular injury with sports participation may underestimate the prevalence of these injuries among adolescent and young adult athletes among whom testicular protective equipment is infrequently used.
Dramatic impact of using protective equipment on the level of hurling-related head injuries: an ultimately successful 27-year programme
A multistage campaign to facilitate and encourage the use of appropriate headgear among the estimated 100 000 hurling players in Ireland lasted for 27 years between 1985 and 2012 and identified a dramatic association between the type of head protection used by a player, if any, and the site of the injury requiring treatment.
Awareness of Genital Health in Young Male Athletes
Young male athletes are unaware of testicular pathology that affects their age group, and many do not wear genital protection during sports, and better education of young males regarding genital health and protection is necessary.
Sports Injuries in the Game of Hurling
  • A. Watson
  • Medicine
    The American journal of sports medicine
  • 1996
The results of the study suggest that the incidence of inju ries in hurling is high and may be attributed to poor conditioning, poor protection, and lack of enforcement of the rules.
Diagnosis and management of testicular rupture after blunt scrotal trauma: a literature review
This review sums up the literatures about testicular rupture after blunt scrotal trauma in recent 16 years and also refers some new advantages and perspectives on diagnosis and management of testicular ruptures.
Testicular trauma: potential impact on reproductive function.
There was definite evidence of subfertility as assessed by abnormal semen analyses and atrophic testes following testicular trauma, however, the subf fertility did not appear to be immune mediated nor did the patients present with infertility.