The cytokine network of wallerian degeneration: IL-10 and GM-CSF.

  title={The cytokine network of wallerian degeneration: IL-10 and GM-CSF.},
  author={H Be'eri and Fanny Reichert and Ann Saada and Shlomo Rotshenker},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={10 8},
Wallerian degeneration (WD) is the inflammatory response of peripheral nerves to injury. Evidence is provided that granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) contributes to the initiation and progression of WD by activating macrophages and Schwann, whereas IL-10 down-regulates WD by inhibiting GM-CSF production. A significant role of activated macrophages and Schwann for future regeneration is myelin removal by phagocytosis and degradation. We studied the timing and magnitude of… CONTINUE READING


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