The cyclotomic trace and algebraic K-theory of spaces

  title={The cyclotomic trace and algebraic K-theory of spaces},
  author={Marcel B{\"o}kstedt and Wu-chung Hsiang and Ib Henning Madsen},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
The cyclotomic trace is a map from algebraic K-theory of a group ring to a certain topological refinement of cyclic homology. The target is naturally mapped to topological Hochschild homology, and the cyclotomic trace lifts the topological Dennis trace. Our cyclic homology can be defined also for "group rings up to homotopy", and in this setting the cyclotomic trace produces invariants of Waldhausen's A-theory. Our main applications go in two directions. We show on the one hand that the K… 

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AbstractWe analyze the equivariant restriction (or transfer) maps in topological Hochschild homology associated to inclusions of group rings of the form R[H]→R[G], where R is a symmetric ring

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In recent years, the study of the algebraic K-theory space K(R) of a ring R has been approached by the introduction of spaces with a more homological flavor. One collection of such spaces is


Let p be any prime. We consider Bökstedt’s topological refinement K(Z) → T (Z) = THH(Z) of the Dennis trace map from algebraic K-theory of the integers to topological Hochschild homology of the

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The cyclotomic trace of Bokstedt-Hsiang-Madsen, the subject of Bokstedt's lecture at the congress in Kyoto, is a map of pro-abelian groups K-fiA) ^.TR;(A;p) from Quillen's algebraic A"-theory to a

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Topologicial K-theory was the first example of an extra-ordinary cohomology theory and furthermore right from the beginning it was extra-ordinary in the sense, that it could not be computed as the



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The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the cyclic homology and cohomology theories of Connes [9-11], see also Loday and Quillen [20], and "IF equivariant homology and

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provide a protective representation of H(X) as a direct product. It is easily verified that the singular homology and cohomology theories are additive. Also the Cech theories based on infinite

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We determine the structure of the homology of the BeckerSchultz space SGiS1) ~ Q(CP^° AS1) of stable Sx-equivariant self-maps of spheres (with standard free S1 -action) as a Hopf algebra over the

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Our main result here is a rational computation of the homology of the adjoint action of the infinite general linear group of an arbitrary ring. Before stating the result we establish some notation

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We construct a functor KG which takes each pair of monoidal G-graded categories (D,Df) to an infinite loop G-space KG(D,D'). When D'=D, its homotopy groups n%KG(D,D) coincide with the equivariant

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Cambridge CB2 ISB ENGLAND §i. Introduction. Three things might be done to help those who wish to understand Carlsson's work on Seqal's Burnside Ring Conjecture [8]. First, one might attempt a general

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Completions and localizations.- The R-completion of a space.- Fibre lemmas.- Tower lemmas.- An R-completion of groups and its relation to the R-completion of spaces.- R-localizations of nilpotent

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Operads and -spaces.- Operads and monads.- A? and E? operads.- The little cubes operads .- Iterated loop spaces and the .- The approximation theorem.- Cofibrations and quasi-fibrations.- The smash