[The current status of neuropathology in the Federal Republic of Germany 1979 (author's transl)].


This article describes changes in neuropathologic work towards a more intravital diagnostic aid, the increase in university neuropathologic departments, and the increased amount of neuropathology in teaching and examinations. These positive developments contrast with some genuine problems: the clinically oriented departments of neuropathology in some big research centers have been closed or altered and the personal staff of the university departments has been reduced. Subspeciality training in neuropathology within pathology should be supplemented by the possibility of entering neuropathology by way of neurology and psychiatry. Neuropathology should be connected to the neurosciences since this is the prerequisite to attain and maintain international research standards. However, the conditions necessary to achieve this aim personally and institutionally should be made available to all pathologists, clinicians, and administrators concerned with this subject.


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