The curious life-style of the parasitic stages of Gnathiid isopods.

  title={The curious life-style of the parasitic stages of Gnathiid isopods.},
  author={N. E. J. M. Smit and Angela J. Davies},
  journal={Advances in parasitology},
Isopods of the family Gnathiidae have free-living adults and parasitic juveniles feeding on the blood and tissue fluids of teleost and elasmobranch fishes. When not feeding on fishes, gnathiids are cryptic and widely distributed, especially among marine habitats. Ten genera are recognized: Bathygnathia, Bythognathia, Caecognathia, Elaphognathia, Euneognathia, Gibbagnathia, Gnathia, Monodgnathia, Paragnathia and Thaumastognathia. Among these are 172 known species, the majority in the genus… CONTINUE READING
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