The culture of poverty

  title={The culture of poverty},
  author={Oscar Lewis},
  • O. Lewis
  • Published 1 November 1963
  • Economics, Sociology
  • Society
I w a n t to take this to clear opportunity up some possible misunderstanding concerning the idea of a "culture of poverty." I would distinguish sharply between impoverishment and the culture of poverty. Not all people who are poor necessarily live in or develop a culture of poverty. For example, middle class people who become impoverished do not automatically become members of the culture of poverty, even though they may have to live in the slums for a while. Similarly, the Jews who lived in… 

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In this paper we briefly review relevant research on the culture of poverty and set our findings within the general context of culture of poverty arguments. Data from a community survey in a

The Culture of Poverty in Paris on the Eve of the Revolution

  • J. Kaplow
  • History, Economics
    International Review of Social History
  • 1967
At the very beginning of the investigation, it is necessary to find a word to describe the European masses before the coming of the twin revolutions, the French and Industrial, that have contributed

"Why not? But I can't" – Influence of a 'culture of poverty' on learning - A case study

Based on a sub set of data from a study which investigated the role of motivation as a contributing factor in second language learning in a disadvantaged school setting in Sri Lanka, this paper

The Culture of Poverty: An Ideological Analysis Author(s):

For three decades Oscar Lewis's subculture of poverty concept has been misinterpreted as a theory bent on blaming the victims of poverty for their poverty. This essay corrects this misunderstanding.

Popular perceptions of poverty in Dutch society

Studies on poverty are mainly engaged with the definition and measurement of poverty, while the issue of what people consider reasons for living in need is often neglected. In this article we explore

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Abstract POVERTY AS A SUB-CULTURE: In this short review the focus is on poverty as a multi-dimensional phenomenon in the so-called first world. In these predominantly capitalistic and democratic

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ABSTRACT The culture of poverty thesis did not emerge from the conservative shadows of American intellectual life, but from its most liberal hopes for the future. Most of its earliest champions were

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The issue of what people consider as reasons for living in poverty is often neglected in the literature on poverty. Studies of public perceptions are needed both on academic grounds and in terms of