The culture of education

  title={The culture of education},
  author={J. Bruner},
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Bruner's Educational Theory since Structure of Knowledge: Narrative Turn
This article investigates the meaning and the value of Bruner's new educational theory since the theory of structure of knowledge. Culturalism theory based on narrative mode of thought is highlyExpand
Towards Discursive Education: Philosophy, Technology, and Modern Education
Introduction 1. The infantilisation of learning 2. Educational technologies and pedagogy 3. Piaget and natural learning 4. Piaget's conception of the framework: from instincts to intentionality 5.Expand
The Knowledges of Teacher Education
Joe’s ability to engage in a conversation with scholars, students, and teachers was unique. He understood the importance of creating an accessible teacher discourse without sacrificing the essentialExpand
Sociocultural and Cultural–Historical Activity Theory perspectives on subjectivities and learning in schools and other educational contexts
Abstract In this introduction we (i) explain the significance of the concept of subjectivity for educational researchers today, (ii) provide a minimal background literature that the papers draw on,Expand
Cultural Resources and the Gap between Educational Theory and Practice.
One source of potential failure in fostering reforms in education is educators’ cap-tivity between an educational manifesto—a conscious ideology or theory, which aimsto guide educational practice—andExpand
This paper is an examination of visual culture in its historical context and in relation to art education, including an exploration of visual culture art education s conceptual roots in psychology,Expand
Culturally relevant pedagogy in multicultural teacher education: a paradoxical objective
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. June 2014. Major: Education, Curriculum and Instruction. Advisors: Bic Ngo, PhD Timothy Lensmire, PhD. 1 computer file (PDF). viii, 123 pages, appendicesExpand
The Role of Narrative Thinking in Learning Scientific Concepts
According to the most recent educational perspectives, dogmatic teaching that is centered on the memorization of concepts and on problem solving methods which are meaningless for students should noExpand
Towards a cultural ecology of pedagogy based on Bruner's narrative theory
Since the twentieth century, the study of teaching and learning a subject has been discussed toward logical positivism. In view of this stance, the problem of pedagogy has been treated as a problemExpand
Ethnographies of science education: situated practices of science learning for social/political transformation
This article is an introductory essay to the Ethnography and Education special issue Ethnographies of science education: situated practices of science learning for social/political transformation.