The crystal and molecular structure of threitol

  title={The crystal and molecular structure of threitol},
  author={Juergen Kopf and Martina Morf and B{\"a}rbel Zimmer and Erhard T. K. Haupt and O. H. Jarchow and Peter Koell},
Abstract The structure of threitol, C 4 H 10 O 4 , was determined on a crystal of l -threitol at 293 K. This investigation covers also the racemate, because threitol is one of the rare examples that crystallizes as a conglomerate of the pure enantiomers. In disagreement with a recent publication [Jeffrey and Huang, carbohydr. Res. , 223 (1992) 11–18], the space group of l -threitol is P 3 2 with nine molecules in a unit cell of a = 1755.6(1), c = 487.9(1) pm. Crystals of threitol are found as… CONTINUE READING