The crushing weight of urban waste.

  title={The crushing weight of urban waste.},
  author={Hong Yang and Xianjin Huang and Julian R. Thompson and Ryan M. Bright and Rasmus Astrup},
  volume={351 6274},
On 20 December 2015, a mountain of construction waste collapsed in Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong. The man-made landslide destroyed 33 buildings, killed 69 people, and left 8 others missing ([ 1 ][1]). This disaster occurred only 4 months after the chemical explosions in a hazardous material storage 

U rban construction and demolition waste and land fill failure in 1 Shenzhen , China 2 3 4

Urban construction and demolition waste and landfill failure in 1 Shenzhen, China 2 3 4 Hong Yang a,b,c,* , Junqiang Xia a,* , Julian R. Thompson d , Roger J. Flower d 5 6 a State Key Laboratory of

Waste management, informal recycling, environmental pollution and public health

This review examines emerging public health challenges, in particular within low-income and middle-income countries, associated with the informal sector and how integrating the informal and formal sectors has had a positive influence on both waste management and poverty alleviation.

Numerical analysis of dynamic characteristics of sludge-type slag landfill landslide

The Artificial landfill landslide in Guangming District, Shenzhen, which occurred on December 20, 2015, showed the same characteristics as mudflow after sliding, which had long sliding movement

Failure process simulation analysis of the Shenzhen “12.20” CDW landfill landslide: a case study

By analyzing the geotechnical engineering conditions, multiperiod remote-sensing images, and numerical simulations, failure process of landfill slope prior to Shenzhen “12.20” landslide was revealed.

SPH-based simulation of flow process of a landslide at Hongao landfill in China

Abstract Landfills are the most popular means of disposing of construction solid waste owing to the low-cost, large treatment volume and strong adaptability. However, landfill collapses and

Disaster Chain Analysis of Landfill Landslide: Scenario Simulation and Chain-Cutting Modeling

Landfill landslide is a man-made event that occurs when poorly managed garbage mounds at landfills collapse. It has become common in recent decades due to the rising waste volumes in cities.

Historical and future emission of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from gas-fired combustion in Beijing, China

It is found that emissions of primary HAPs exhibited an increasing trend with the rapid increase in natural gas consumption, and stricter emission standards must be established to mitigate the associated air pollution and health risks caused by gas-fired combustion.



Reconnaissance of the July 10, 2000, Payatas Landfill Failure

Following ten days of extremely heavy rains from two typhoons, a fast moving slope failure of municipal solid waste was triggered at the Payatas Landfill, Quezon City, Philippines. The wasteslide

China's soil pollution: urban brownfields.

China's plans to tackle farmland pollution and improve food safety are to be welcomed, but the country faces equally serious urban soil and water pollution.

What a waste? : a global review of solid waste management

Solid waste management is the one thing just about every city government provides for its residents. While service levels, environmental impacts and costs vary dramatically, solid waste management is

, Ed . ( American Fisheries Society , Bethesda , MD , 1986 ) , pp . 415 – 426 . 7 . D . Simberloff , Ecol . Lett

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