[The crosstalking between aging and autophagy].


Aging is the syndrome caused by the functional decline and physiological disorder during the organism deterioration. Autophagy is the way that cells use to deliver cytoplasmic protein and organelle to lysosomes for degradation. Constitutive autophagy has a housekeeping role and is essential for survival, development and metabolic regulation. Recent studies from model organisms demonstrate that there is close relationship between aging and autophagy. Normal aging and phathological aging are often associated with a reduced autophagic potential. This paper reviewed the cross-talk between aging and autophagy, and possible molecular mechanisms as well.

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@article{Dai2012TheCB, title={[The crosstalking between aging and autophagy].}, author={Wei-Wei Dai and Guo-qin Jin}, journal={Sheng li ke xue jin zhan [Progress in physiology]}, year={2012}, volume={43 4}, pages={247-50} }