The crisis in psychology

  title={The crisis in psychology},
  author={David Bakan},
  journal={Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless},
  • D. Bakan
  • Published 1 October 1996
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless
The crisis of psychology is not in the lack of psychologists or lack of literature being produced. It is in the poor development of our understanding of human life, the science itself, and the relationship of the science to the world. Three senses in which there has been loss, subject matter, method, and mission, are discussed. The loss with respect to subject matter is associated with the systematic denial of the self-evident fact that mentation, at least in the form of decisions, plans and… 

Vygotsky’s analysis of the crisis in psychology: Diagnosis, treatment, and relevance

The theoretical analysis of the crisis in psychology is one of the most important contributions of Vygotsky, which has yet remained undervalued by the majority of modern scholars. For Vygotsky, the

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The twentieth century went through a turmoil that produced crises in almost all the academic disciplines, but also in our civilization as such. In the 1980s, postmodernity appeared as one of the

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Development of experimental psychology Crises and problems seen from experimental psychology

Experimental psychology in the early 20 century was targeted by several authors who described a crisis – often expressed as a lack of theoretical and experimental progress. In the 21 century the

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Crisis discussions in psychology--New historical and philosophical perspectives.

The “crisis” of psychology between fragmentation and integration: The Italian case

Crisis, as a construct, recurs in the history of psychology and has attracted the attention of psychological historians and philosophers in recent years, who have given life not only to a debate

Discussing the Concept of Crisis in Cultural-historical Activity Research: a Dialectical Perspective

The concept of crisis has a long history across disciplines (medicine, history, political economy, political science, sociology, psychology, history, philosophy of science, etc.). This concept has

On the Possibility of Unification

In this article it is argued that—in spite of contrary semantic and substantive criticisms that have been put forward—the crisis in psychology is a real problem facing the discipline. The crisis is