[The course of generalized tuberculosis in a northern region].


The course of generalized tuberculosis in a northern region is mainly characterized by its subacute onset; moreover, the symptoms of intoxication and the bronchopulmonary manifestations of the disease are observed practically in all patients. Socially dysadapted individuals are most susceptible to this disease. Even if patients with generalized tuberculosis have significant symptoms of the diseases, only a few of them resort to a health care facility within a month after their occurrence. Hematological changes suggest the implication of suppressed immunity in the development of this form of tuberculosis and support the intensiveness of the disease. Bacterial discharge is noted in all virtually patients (80%). However, the Mantoux test is frequently of no informative value in diagnosing generalized tuberculosis. X-ray is always widely used; decay cavities are encountered in most patients. In addition to lung lesions, generalization of a tuberculous process is attended by the appearance of specific changes in the liver, spleen, kidneys, serous membranes, and peripheral lymph nodes.

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