The cosmopolitan subject and the question of cultural identity: The case of Crime and Punishment

  title={The cosmopolitan subject and the question of cultural identity: The case of Crime and Punishment},
  author={Hannah Spector},
  journal={Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal},
  pages={21 - 40}
  • H. Spector
  • Published 1 April 2017
  • Art
  • Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
Though contemporary discourse on cosmopolitanism has celebrated a cosmopolitan subject’s “rootedness” in two worlds – i.e. the polis and the cosmos – this emphasis has evaded analysis of the historical and damning term “rootless cosmopolitan.” Under the totalitarianisms of Nazism and late Stalinism, a “rootless cosmopolitan” was a life-threatening epithet aimed at those people, namely “the Jews,” criminalized for supposedly lacking national allegiance and affiliating with foreign cultures. This… 
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