The coronavirus is here to stay - here's what that means.

  title={The coronavirus is here to stay - here's what that means.},
  author={Nicky Phillips},
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Masks, money, and mandates: A national survey on efforts to increase COVID-19 vaccination intentions in the United States
Various efforts to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates have been employed in the United States. We sought to rapidly investigate public reactions to these efforts to increase vaccination, including
A comprehensive SARS-CoV-2-human protein-protein interactome network reveals novel pathobiology and host-targeting therapies for COVID-19
High-throughput yeast two-hybrid and affinity purification followed by mass spectrometry is used to generate a comprehensive SARS-CoV-2-human protein-protein interactome network consisting of both binary and co-complex interactions, demonstrating the value of large-scale network systems biology approaches for extracting biological insight from complex biological processes.
Social cognition theories and behavior change in COVID-19: A conceptual review
A New Mask for a New Normal: Investigating an AR Supported Future under COVID-19
A future where everyone augments their vision using face masks with Augmented Reality capabilities, such that people can conduct safe and expressive face-to-face communication in public is envisioned.
A mixed methods study of architectural education during the initial COVID-19 lockdown: student experiences in design studio and technology courses
PurposeThe paper aims to understand and assess architecture students' experiences of online teaching during the initial lockdown caused by the coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic between
Acceptance of COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccine Co-Administration: Insights from a Representative Italian Survey
In Italy, hesitancy toward COVID-19/influenza vaccine co-administration is common and appears to be higher than hesitancies toward either vaccine administered alone, which requires specific and tailored strategies, with public health institutions playing the central role.
Against COVID‐19 vaccination of healthy children
It is argued that routine COVID‐19 vaccination of healthy children is currently ethically unjustified, given that eradication of the virus is neither feasible nor a high priority for global health.


Immunological characteristics govern the transition of COVID-19 to endemicity
Analysis of immunological and epidemiological data on endemic human coronaviruses shows that infection-blocking immunity wanes rapidly but that disease-reducing immunity is long-lived, suggesting that once the endemic phase is reached and primary exposure is in childhood, SARS-CoV-2 may be no more virulent than the common cold.
Immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 assessed for up to 8 months after infection
Results show that durable immunity against secondary COVID-19 disease is a possibility for most individuals, and assessing virus-specific immune memory over at least a 6-month period is likely necessary to ascertain the durability of immune memory to SARS-CoV-2.