The core of the mammalian centriole contains gamma-tubulin.

  title={The core of the mammalian centriole contains gamma-tubulin.},
  author={Stephen D. Fuller and Brent E. Gowen and Sigrid Reinsch and Alan M. Sawyer and Brigitte Buendia and Roger Wepf and Eric Karsenti},
  journal={Current biology : CB},
  volume={5 12},
BACKGROUND The microtubule network, upon which transport occurs in higher cells, is formed by the polymerization of alpha and beta tubulin. The third major tubulin isoform, gamma tubulin, is believed to serve a role in organizing this network by nucleating microtubule growth on microtubule-organizing centers, such as the centrosome. Research in vitro has shown that gamma tubulin must be restored to stripped centrioles to regenerate the centrosomal functions of duplication and microtubule… CONTINUE READING