The coracoacromial ligament: morphology and study of acromial enthesopathy.

  title={The coracoacromial ligament: morphology and study of acromial enthesopathy.},
  author={Stephen A Fealy and Ernest W. April and Michael S. Khazzam and Juan Armengol-Barallat and Louis U. Bigliani},
  journal={Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery},
  volume={14 5},
The coracoacromial ligament (CAL), normally a superior restraint against humeral translation, is frequently involved in rotator cuff impingement pathology. However, surgical excision of the CAL is not always clinically successful. Little anatomic information exists about the morphology and function of this ligament. The CAL and glenohumeral joint in 56 cadaveric shoulders were examined in 31 cadavers. Nineteen dimensional parameters were obtained by direct measurement. In 16 shoulders, specific… CONTINUE READING


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