The convenient setting for real analytic mappings

  title={The convenient setting for real analytic mappings},
  author={Andreas Kriegl and Peter W. Michor},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
We present here "the" cartesian closed theory for real analytic mappings. It is based on the concept of real analytic curves in locally convex vector spaces. A mapping is real analytic, if it maps smooth curves to smooth curves and real analytic curves to real analytic curves. Under mild completeness conditions the second requirement can be replaced by: real analytic along ane lines. Enclosed and necessary is a careful study of locally convex topologies on spaces of real analytic mappings. As… 
The Lie group of real analytic diffeomorphisms is not real analytic
We construct an infinite dimensional real analytic manifold structure for the space of real analytic mappings from a compact manifold to a locally convex manifold. Here a map is real analytic if it
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A topological space X is called X-real compact if every algebra homomorphism from v to the reals is an evaluation at some point of X, where v is an algebra of continuous functions. Our main interest
Parameter dependence of solutions of partial differential equations in spaces of real analytic functions
Let Ω ⊆ IRn be an open set and let A(Ω) denote the class of real analytic functions on Ω. It is proved that for every surjective linear partial differential operator P (D,x) : A(Ω) → A(Ω) and every
Manifolds of Mappings for Continuum Mechanics
  • P. Michor
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics
  • 2020
This is an overview article. After an introduction to convenient calculus in infinite dimensions, the foundational material for manifolds of mappings is presented. The central character is the smooth
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We consider the problem of real analytic parameter dependence of solutions of the linear partial differential equation P (D)u = f , i.e., the question if for every family (fλ) ⊆ D ′(Ω) of
Centrally symmetric analytic plane domains are spectrally determined in this class
We prove that, under some generic non-degeneracy assumptions, real analytic, centrally symmetric plane domains are determined by their Dirichlet (resp. Neumann) spectra. We prove that the conditions


On the group of real analytic diffeomorphisms of a compact real analytic manifold
In this paper we exhibit a Lie group structure on the group of real analytic diffeomorphisms of a compact real analytic manifold. Further, we show that a variant of the Kupka-Smale theorem holds for
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For any unitary representation of an arbitrary Lie group I construct a moment mapping from the space of smooth vectors of the representation into the dual of the Lie algebra. This moment mapping is
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The aim of this paper is to characterize those locally convex spaces, which have the following properties. 1. Any curve, which is differentiable if composed with continuous linear forms, is
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We consider fibre bundles without structure group and develop the theory of connections, curvature, parallel transport, (nonlinear) frame bundle, the gauge group and it’s action on the space of
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Preface Foundational Material Convenient Vector Spaces Multilinear Maps and Categorical Properties Calculus in Convenient Vector Spaces Differentiable Maps and Categorical Properties The Mackey
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the analysis of linear partial differential operators i distribution theory and fourier rep are a good way to achieve details about operating certainproducts. Many products that you buy can be
Eine kartesisch abgeschlossene Kategorie glatter Abbildungen zwischen beliebigen lokalkonvexen Vektoräumen
This paper is a continuation of [6], in which I identified thec∞-complete bornological locally convex spaces (in short: 1cs) as the right ones for infinite dimensional analysis. Here I discuss smooth
A convenient setting for holomorphy
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Nonlinear Fourier analysis
On presente l'analyse de Fourier non lineaire sur un certain nombre d'exemples. On etudie les techniques generales. On considere certains aspects de la theorie de Littlewood-Paley
Sur certains espaces de fonctions holomorphes. I.
1. Sujet et plan. Get article est destine a apporter quelques generalisations et complements a Γarticle de G. K the sur le meme sujet (c. f. [7])). II a ete congu neanmoins de fa£on independante, a