The control of ovarian function.

  title={The control of ovarian function.},
  author={B. Donovan},
  journal={Acta endocrinologica},
  volume={66 1},
  • B. Donovan
  • Published 1971
  • Medicine
  • Acta endocrinologica
This Laqueur Memorial Lecture deals with several aspects of the control of ovarian function. Some early work involving hypophysectomy, pituitary stalk section and transplantation of the hypophysis, which led to the definition of neurohumoral agents affecting pituitary hormone discharge, is described. The shortcomings in the use of the term 'releasing factor' are emphasized and its replacement by 'neurohumor' urged. In discussing the induction of ovulation, the integration within the brain of… Expand
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Prostaglandins in reproductive physiology*
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It is suggested that high oestrogen levels may release prostaglandins from the uterus and/or centrally in humans, in connection with the mid-cycle LH surge and ovulation, and the need for measurement of prostaglandsin metabolites in blood and urine is emphasized. Expand
Differential ovarian uptake of ( 131 I) albumin injected into one uterine horn in the guinea-pig.
Changes in the permeability of the guinea-pig uterus to [131I] albumin, injected into the uterine lumen during the oestrous cycle have been investigated to see whether such changes could be linked toExpand
Ultrastructural Study on Protein Permeability Into the Ovarian Follicles of the Mouse
The purpose of this endeavor was to observe the permeability characteristics of the follicular apparatus in mice ovaries to systemically injected protein tracers. Particular emphasis was placed onExpand
Regulation of ovarian cholesterol esters: Evidence for the enzymatic sites of prostaglandin-induced loss of corpus luteum function
The data indicate that the luteolytic action of PGF2α is directly on the corpus luteum and this action appears to be mediated by a neutralization of prolactin activity, induced by P GF2α depressed ovarian cholesterol ester turnover and the availability of cholesterol for conversion to progesterone. Expand
Sex steroid hormones and macrophage function.
The evidence accumulated to date supports the postulate that estrogens, progesterone, androgens and testosterone profoundly influence host defense by controlling the ability of macrophages to participate in immune responses. Expand
Effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Self-compassion in Health Care Professionals: a Meta-analysis
Findings suggest mindfulness- based interventions improve self-compassion in health care professionals and a variety of mindfulness-based programs may be useful for employees and trainees. Expand
Transgenic Models of Ovarian Failure
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This review summarizes some of the initial studies to understand the essential roles of Peptide hormones from the hypothalamus and the pituitary in the propagation of the mammalian species. Expand
Endocrinology of the lactating and weaned sow.


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