The contributions of john money: A personal view

  title={The contributions of john money: A personal view},
  author={Vern L. Bullough},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={230 - 236}
  • V. Bullough
  • Published 1 August 2003
  • Psychology
  • The Journal of Sex Research
John Money has been a dominant voice in sexology in the last part of the 20th century, breaking new ground in a wide variety of areas. In the process, he has been cantankerous, outspoken, and ever willing to do battle, but also original and thought provoking. This paper begins with an examination of science in general, moves on to psychology and sexology, and then examines Money's contributions to sexology in some detail. The latter are many and varied, including the development of the concept… 

Discourses Available to Sullivan: The Kinsey Reports and The Transsexual Phenomenon

While the Kinsey reports (1948 and 1953)—as they came to be known—neglected a distinction between transvestism and transsexuality, Harry Benjamin’s The Transsexual Phenomenon (1966) made up for this

Pathologizing Sexual Deviance: A History

While much of the historical literature revolves around the controversy over homosexuality, this article also reviews the recent medicohistorical and sociohistorical work on other forms of sexual deviance, including the diagnostic categories listed in the latest edition, the DSM-IV-TR: exhibitionism, voyeurism, fetishism, frotteurism, pedophilia, sexual masochism, sexual sadism, and transvestic fetishism.

Gender Variance: The Intersection of Understandings Held in the Medical and Social Sciences

When examining the medical and social position of gender variant people, it is important to consider the divergent understandings of sex, gender, gender identity, and, to some extent, sexuality, and

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Aging: Challenges in Research, Practice, and Policy

This text is for students and professionals in gerontology, medicine, social work, psychology, nursing, public health, and related fields who wish to learn more about the life experiences and concerns of sexual- and gender-minority-identified older patients.

Teaching reproduction, gender and sexuality: broad, multidisciplinary and nuanced

ABSTRACT The teaching of reproduction, gender and sexuality at tertiary level is often compartmentalised, separating biological components from the political, socio-cultural, psychological and

Prostitution: a new dynamic of discrimination

Purpose There is scarcity in the literature, both empirically and theoretically, regarding the relationship between transgender discrimination and prostitution. This study aims to offer a new

Are Paraphilias Mental Disorders? The Case of the DSM

The main conclusion is that due to the manual’s messy definition of mental disorder, advocates of the DSM cannot convincingly claim that paraphilias are mental disorders.

Trends in Time Regarding Sex Assignment of Patients with Disorders of Sex Development: Experience of an Interdisciplinary Service.

There were significant differences in the age at first visit, with referral occurring at an earlier age, as well as more severe genital ambiguity presentations, a higher proportion of sex chromosome aberrations, and a lower frequency of 46,XX DSD cases.



A Critical Evaluation of the Ontogeny of Human Sexual Behavior

  • M. Diamond
  • Psychology
    The Quarterly Review of Biology
  • 1965
This article defends the view of inherent somatic sexuality organizing man's psychosexual development by reviewing man's place on the evolutionary continuum, and the broad base of sexual behavior within this discussion must be considered.

Intersexuality and gender identity differentiation.

  • K. Zucker
  • Psychology
    Journal of pediatric and adolescent gynecology
  • 2002

Gender Play: Girls and Boys in School

You see it in every schoolyard: the girls play only with girls, the boys play only with boys. Why? And what do the kids think about this? Breaking with familiar conventions for thinking about

An annotated catalogue of the Edward C. Atwater collection of American popular medicine and health reform

This third and final volume of the "Annotated Catalog of the Edward C. Atwater, M.D. Collection of American Popular Medicine" includes books, manuscripts, pamphlets, periodicals, and printed ephemera

Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life

A portrait of the principal architect of the sexual revolution. This book aims to show that the public image Kinsey cultivated of a disinterested biologist, was in fact a carefully crafted public

Sex reassignment. Follow-up.

The characteristics of 50 applicants for sex reassignment, both operated and unoperated, are reported in terms of such indices as job, education, marital, and domiciliary stability and the results of long-term follow up data are discussed.

Sex and gender.

The Scientific Revolution

This work contains Steven Shapin's historical exploration into the origins of the modern scientific worldview. What historians have traditionally called the Scientific Revolution was, in Shapin's


The role of gender in the lives of boys and girls is studied in the context of peer-to-peer friendships, as well as in clinical practice.

Pediatric Pneumococcal Bone and Joint Infections

The demographic characteristics and anatomic sites of infection in the authors' patients were similar to previously published series collected from single institutions before the emergence of significant antibiotic resistance in S pneumoniae.