The contributions of Karl Ernst von Baer to the investigation of the physical geography of the Arctic in the 1830s–40s

  title={The contributions of Karl Ernst von Baer to the investigation of the physical geography of the Arctic in the 1830s–40s},
  author={Erki Tammiksaar},
  journal={Polar Record},
  pages={121 - 140}
Abstract Although more widely known as the founder of modern embryology, Karl Ernst von Baer played a special role in the investigation of the physical geography of the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century. Baer not only conducted his own scientific research in the Arctic, he was also a key supporter and organiser of other Russian expeditions to the far north. Baer carried out the first investigations of the physical geography, flora, and fauna of Novaya Zemlya, and it was due to his work… 
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Autobiography of Dr Karl Ernst von Baer
Geograficheskieaspektytvorchestva Karla Bera v 1830-40gg
  • 2000
Perepiska Karla Bera po probleman geografii[Baer's correspondence on problems of geography
  • 1970
Boden-Eis in Nordamerika
  • Annalen
  • 1838
Materialy k poznaniy netayushchego pochvennogo I'da v Sibiri [Materials for study of unmelting soil frost in Siberia
  • 2000