The contribution of Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) to the evolution of psychiatry

  title={The contribution of Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689) to the evolution of psychiatry},
  author={Nikolaos Koutouvidis and Spyros G. Marketos and Allan Beveridge},
  journal={History of Psychiatry},
  pages={513 - 520}
A ~~ ’1’llno~ ~ ’~ mediC21 WODM 2rC *WRY concerned w~he~~bmM~~~~~~~M&~~~E~~ypK~~amthm~ghMtmm~h~db~M~ much of his aMientiMMi to Bn<an)nat diaonicts as can be seen by the amount of space he gave in his boobn to such amditiom as a~n~, °~eL~acY~olia’ and aWhile several scholars have written inte&oelig;stiog aa:ounts of aspects of Sydenh2M7S writing on oientai disorder&dquo; we still lack an overview of all his work on apsycho-pathology&dquo; and ~en~ and of his influence on the dewelopment of This… Expand

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