The contribution of B cells to renal interstitial inflammation.

  title={The contribution of B cells to renal interstitial inflammation.},
  author={Florian Heller and Maja Tamara Lindenmeyer and Clemens David Cohen and Ulrike Brandt and Dan Draganovici and Michael Fischereder and Matthias Kretzler and H -J Anders and Thomas Sitter and Isabella Mosberger and Dontscho Kerjaschki and Heinz M Regele and Detlef Schloendorff and Stephan Segerer},
  journal={The American journal of pathology},
  volume={170 2},
Local B-cell infiltrates play a role in tissue fibrosis, neolymphangiogenesis, and renal allograft survival. We sought to characterize the B-cell infiltrates, factors involved in B-cell recruitment, and lymphangiogenesis in renal interstitial injury (ie, acute and chronic interstitial nephritis and chronic IgA nephropathy). CD20-positive B cells formed a prominent part of the interstitial infiltrating cells. Together with CD3-positive T cells, the CD20-positive B cells formed larger nodular… CONTINUE READING
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