The contralateral transcallosal approach: experience with 32 patients.

  title={The contralateral transcallosal approach: experience with 32 patients.},
  author={M T Lawton and J G Golfinos and Robert F. Spetzler},
  volume={39 4},
  pages={729-34; discussion 734-5}
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the usefulness of the contralateral transcallosal approach for resecting lesions located laterally in or adjacent to the lateral ventricle. METHODS Modifications to the standard ipsilateral transcallosal technique include positioning the head with the midline oriented horizontally, placing the side with the lesion up, and performing the craniotomy and interhemispheric dissection on the contralateral side. This approach avoids a transcortical incision, allows gravity… CONTINUE READING


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