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The continuum of the surreal numbers revisited.The surreal numbers defined through transfinite Cauchy fundamental sequences

  title={The continuum of the surreal numbers revisited.The surreal numbers defined through transfinite Cauchy fundamental sequences},
  author={Konstantinos Kyritsis},
In this treatise on the theory of the continuum of the surreal numbers of J.H. Conway, is proved ,that the three different techniques and hierarchies of the continuums of the transfinite real numbers of Glayzal A. (1937) defined through transfinite power series , of the surreal numbers of J.H. Conway (1976) defined by Dedekind cuts ,and of the ordinal real numbers of K. E. Kyritsis (1992) defined by fundamental Cauchy transfinite sequences, give by inductive limit or union the same class and… 


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