The construction of a cysteine-less melibiose carrier from E. coli.

  title={The construction of a cysteine-less melibiose carrier from E. coli.},
  author={A. C. Weissborn and Martyn C Botfield and Masako Kuroda and Tomofusa Tsuchiya and T. Hastings Wilson},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1329 2},
The melibiose carrier of E. coli is a cation-sugar cotransport system. This membrane protein contains four cysteine residues and the transport function is inhibited by sulfhydryl reagents. In order to investigate the importance of the cysteines, we have constructed a set of four melibiose transporters each of which has one cysteine replaced with serine or valine. The sensitivity of this set of carriers to N-ethylmaleimide was tested and Cys364 was identified as the target of the reagent. In… CONTINUE READING

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