The conserved tetrameric subunit stoichiometry of Slc26 proteins.

  title={The conserved tetrameric subunit stoichiometry of Slc26 proteins.},
  author={Richard Hallworth and Kelsey Stark and Lyandysha V Zholudeva and Benjamin B. Currall and Michael G. Nichols},
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The Slc26 family proteins, with one possible exception, transport anions across membranes in a wide variety of tissues in vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. Mutations in human members of the family are a significant cause of disease. Slc26 family proteins are thought to be oligomers, but their stoichiometry of association is in dispute. A recent study, using sequential bleaching of single fluorophore-coupled molecules in membrane fragments, demonstrated that mammalian Slc26a5 (prestin) is… CONTINUE READING