The consensus coding sequences of human breast and colorectal cancers.

  title={The consensus coding sequences of human breast and colorectal cancers.},
  author={Tobias Sj{\"o}blom and Sande Gracia Jones and Laura D Wood and Donald Williams Parsons and Jimmy Lin and Thomas D. Barber and Diana Mandelker and Rebecca J. Leary and Janine Ptak and Natalie Silliman and Steve Szabo and Phillip J. Buckhaults and Christopher James Farrell and Paul F. Meeh and Sanford D Markowitz and Joseph Willis and Dawn M. Dawson and James K. V. Willson and Adi F. Gazdar and James C. Hartigan and Leo Wu and Changsheng Liu and Giovanni Parmigiani and Ben Ho Park and Kurtis E. Bachman and Nickolas Papadopoulos and Bert Vogelstein and Kenneth W. Kinzler and Victor E. Velculescu},
  volume={314 5797},
The elucidation of the human genome sequence has made it possible to identify genetic alterations in cancers in unprecedented detail. To begin a systematic analysis of such alterations, we determined the sequence of well-annotated human protein-coding genes in two common tumor types. Analysis of 13,023 genes in 11 breast and 11 colorectal cancers revealed that individual tumors accumulate an average of approximately 90 mutant genes but that only a subset of these contribute to the neoplastic… CONTINUE READING

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