The connections between C75 and obesity drug-target pathways.

  title={The connections between C75 and obesity drug-target pathways.},
  author={Francis P. Kuhajda and Leslie E. Landree and Gabriele V. Ronnett},
  journal={Trends in pharmacological sciences},
  volume={26 11},
Obesity and its attendant disorders, such as Type II diabetes, have reached epidemic proportions in the USA, and their prevalence is increasing globally. C75 is a small-molecule inhibitor of fatty acid synthase (FAS) and a stimulator of carnitine palmitoyl 1 activity, which causes profound weight loss in mice. Although C75 is not a compound that is destined for human drug development, it has provided two potential pathways to target in obesity therapy: fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid… CONTINUE READING
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