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The conduct of systematic research reviews for SCIE knowledge reviews

  title={The conduct of systematic research reviews for SCIE knowledge reviews},
  author={E Coren and M. F. K. Fisher},

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Normal human aging and diabetes are associated with a gradual decrease of cerebral flow in the brain with changes in vascular architecture. Thickening of the capillary basement membrane and

Administration or transformation? An exploration of personalisation reforms, service user participation and diversity strategies in adult social care

This PhD by Public Works demonstrates how three key topic areas with convergent themes emerge from a systematic analysis of 21 submitted public works. These are: The personalisation policy agenda in

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RESEARCH QUESTIONS Can a demonstration effect, whereby people are inspired by elite sport, sports people and events to actively participate themselves, be harnessed from an Olympic Games to influence

Rewards of kindness? A meta-analysis of the link between prosociality and well-being.

A meta-analysis was conducted to examine the strength of the prosociality to well-being link under different operationalizations, and how a set of theoretical, demographic, and methodological variables moderate the link.

Rewards of Kindness?

s International, 37, 7032. Curry, O. S., Rowland, L. A., Van Lissa, C. J., Zlotowitz, S., McAlaney, J., & Whitehouse, H. (2018). Happy to help? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of

Evaluating the factors that influence cloud technology adoption—comparative case analysis of health and non-health sectors: A systematic review

The findings of this review study aim to help health decision-makers by increasing their awareness of the cloud and of the factors that impact decisions at both the organizational and individual levels.



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In this paper we discuss mixing methods at the level of reviews of research, combining the findings of multiple, already existing, studies that are labelled broadly as using either ‘qualitative’ or

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Systematic review has developed as a specific methodology for searching for, appraising and synthesizing findings of primary studies, and has rapidly become a cornerstone of the evidence-based

The effect of travel modes on children's mental health, cognitive and social development; a systematic review

Systematic map of the research undertaken on the effects of travel on children. The study is original both in terms of developing the method of systematic mapping and being the first systematic