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The concept of remembrance in Walter Benjamin

  title={The concept of remembrance in Walter Benjamin},
  author={Adrian Wilding},
This thesis argues that the role played by the concept of remembrance (Eingedenken) in Walter Benjamin's 'theory of the knowledge of history' and in his engagement with Enlightenment universal history, is a crucial one. The implications of Benjamin's contention that history's 'original vocation' is 'remembrance' have hitherto gone largely unnoticed. The following thesis explores the meaning of the concept of remembrance and assesses the significance of this proposed link between history… 

Self-consciousness: an I-World patterned process model

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Memories and the everyday: An ethnography of a Polish-Egyptian family

APA Citation Kamal, O. (2016).Memories and the everyday: An ethnography of a Polish-Egyptian family [Master’s thesis, the American University in Cairo]. AUC Knowledge Fountain.



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