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The concept of political integration: the perspectives of neofunctionalist theory

  title={The concept of political integration: the perspectives of neofunctionalist theory},
  author={N. Ilievski},
  journal={Journal of Liberty and International Affairs},
  • N. Ilievski
  • Published 2015
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Liberty and International Affairs
This paper is qualitative research of the concept o f political integration. It represents case study o f the concept of political integration appearing in the theory of ne ofunctionalism. The research focus could be identif i d with the concept of political integration, in the perspectiv e of the theory of neofunctionalism. The purpose of this research paper is the cognition of a various types of the co ncept of political integration and its activating, from the perspectives of… Expand

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The significance of the concept Multi-speed Eur ope as a model for the political integration of the European Union”. MA th., Law f aculty, University St Clement of Ohrid, Bitola
  • 2015
“ The significance of the concept Multi - speed Europe as a model for the political integration of the European Union ”
  • 2015