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The concept of competencies in the context of Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD )

  title={The concept of competencies in the context of Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD )},
  author={Maik Adomssent},
Infusing sustainability in higher education in Ireland: the green curriculum model (GCM) and the dispositions, abilities and behaviours (DAB) competency framework
There are numerous sustainability challenges facing the world today, including: climate change, pollution, consumerism and poverty. To make the world a more sustainable and better place to live in,
Development of a Cybersecurity Skills Index: A Scenarios-Based, Hands-On Measure of Non-IT Professionals' Cybersecurity Skills
It is suggested that the manuscript should be read as a whole rather than as a collection of chapters, because of the number of references to individual chapters and the manner in which they are presented.
Framing the role of higher education in sustainable development: a case study analysis
PurposeHigher Education Institutions (HEIs) should play a fundamental role in achieving the international 2030 Sustainable Development (SD) agenda. Quality education is the fourth of the Sustainable
La educación en el Antropoceno. Posibilismo versus utopía
This paper is a reflection on education within the framework of the Anthropocene, accepting as key educational challenges the problems which justify assigning this name to the current geological
Вестник ЮУрГУ. Серия «Образование. Педагогические науки». 2020. Т. 12, No 4. С. 27–37 Introduction In spite of the fact that the understanding of noosphere by modern scholars is ambiguous [5, 8–10,
Promoting Sustainable Life through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Religious Education
This paper aims to scrutinize how Indonesian religious education, particularly the 2013 curriculum of junior high schools (7-9-year-old), has addressed environmental issues in its concepts or
A focus on self-directed learning: The role that educators’ expectations play in the enhancement of students’ self-directedness
Research in self-directed learning (SDL) has become imperative for education and training in the international arena, and in South Africa. This is a result of the changing education landscape all
Devising a Competence-Based Training Program for Educators of Sustainable Development: Lessons Learned
Over recent decades, education policy has been preoccupied with economic growth while paying insufficient heed to global sustainability challenges. International initiatives to promote education for
Linking Traditional ‘Organic’ and ‘Induced’ Public Participation with Deliberative Democracy: Experiments in Pune, India
Resolving urban challenges or ‘wicked problems’ is a dilemma for most governments, especially in developing countries, and India is a case in point. Collaborative, dialogue-based approaches have been
How secondary-school students deal with issues of sustainable development in class*
Abstract Education for sustainable development (ESD) is intended to enable individuals to shape a fair and sustainable society. Implemented at schools, ESD addresses specific topics, e.g.


Competences and competence-based learning for sustainable development
In the context of education for sustainable development (ESD), there is extensive literature on what should be taught and learned in terms of knowledge, skills and values. What stands out in most of
Developing Key Competencies for Sustainable Development in Higher Education
Purpose – To date, little attention has been given to the circumstances in which developing key competencies for sustainable development may take place. Within higher education, the possibilities
The development of ESD-related competencies in supportive institutional frameworks
Although Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a matter of global importance, the requirements and needs of people differ according to their regional circumstances. (Not only) in Germany—in
Concept of competence: A conceptual clarification
Moving Forward on Competence in Sustainability Research and Problem Solving
Sustainability problem constellations related to sea-level rise, desertification, poverty, lack of education, pandemics, or military conflicts result from complex, dynamic cause–effect chains. Elem...
Mirroring, Gestaltswitching and Transformative Social Learning: stepping stones for developing sustainability competence
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to identify components and educational design principles for strengthening sustainability competence in and through higher education.Design/methodology/approach
Models of Change : Einführung und Verbreitung sozialer Innovationen und gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen in transdisziplinärer Perspektive
Die Losung wichtiger gesellschaftlicher Probleme und die Vision einer besseren und nachhaltigeren Welt rufen nicht nur heute nach Veranderungen. Oft sind gesellschaftliche Umbruche und soziale
Science, Open Communication and Sustainable Development
Transferring knowledge is a fundamental challenge for sustainability, in a context where external knowledge must be integrated with local knowledge in order to promote user-driven action.