The composition of nucleation and Aitken modes particles during coastal nucleation events : evidence for marine secondary organic contribution

  title={The composition of nucleation and Aitken modes particles during coastal nucleation events : evidence for marine secondary organic contribution},
  author={Petri Vaattovaara and Pirkko Huttunen and Young Jun Yoon and Jorma Joutsensaari and Kari Lehtinen and Colin D. O’Dowd and Ari Laaksonen},
Newly-formed nanometer-sized particles have been observed at coastal and marine environments world wide. Organic species have so far not been detected in those newly-formed nucleation mode particles. In this study, we applied the ultrafine organic tandem differential mobility analyzer method to study the possible existence of an organic fraction in recently formed coastal nucleation mode particles (d<20 nm) at the Mace Head research station. Furthermore, effects of those nucleation events on… CONTINUE READING


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