The composite first person narrative: Texture, structure, and meaning in writing phenomenological descriptions

  title={The composite first person narrative: Texture, structure, and meaning in writing phenomenological descriptions},
  author={Marcia Stanley Wertz and Marcianna Nosek and Susan G. McNiesh and Elizabeth Marlow},
  journal={International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being},
  • M. WertzM. Nosek E. Marlow
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being
This paper illustrates the use of composite first person narrative interpretive methods, as described by Todres, across a range of phenomena. This methodology introduces texture into the presently understood structures of phenomena and thereby creates new understandings of the phenomenon, bringing about a form of understanding that is relationally alive that contributes to improved caring practices. The method is influenced by the work of Gendlin, Heidegger, van Manen, Gadamer, and Merleau… 

Enhancing the collective, protecting the personal: the valuable role of composite narratives in medical education research

Narrative research approaches provide the opportunity for constructing a detailed understanding of lived experiences relevant to medical education, in areas such as illness narratives, explorations

Understanding the Nature of Nursing Phenomenon

A phenomenon is a real-life noticeable event that can be explained by human perceptions. Phenomenon exist in the real world…but not recognized to exist by any humans or named by scientists, it is the

Fortune favours the brave: composite first-person narrative of adolescents with congenital heart disease

Exploring the narrative of adolescents with CHD can offer unique insight into the way they view their hearts at a crucial stage of their care, and an artist-led creative workshop supported by a multidisciplinary team can be a valuable approach to collect such narratives from patients and begin exploring them.

Orthodox Jewish Mothers’ Lived Experiences of Perinatal Loss: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study

The current study explored the lived experiences of Orthodox Jewish mothers whose baby was stillborn or died shortly after birth, within the context of their religion, families, and community. Within

Igniting Transformative Change in Dementia Care Through Research-based Drama.

Findings demonstrate the possibilities of the arts for knowledge mobilization in changing the culture of dementia care through a process of illuminating new and enduring realizations and transforming actions and practices.

Lived Experiences of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis survivors - An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Abstract In this inquiry I attempt to explore the lived experiences of drug resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) survivors reflecting upon what they went through while undergoing treatment. I employ

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This paper aims to encourage critical reflection on what are key and pressing social and political issues surrounding the Paralympics Games. The focus of the paper is personal narratives of six

Journal of Posthumanism

This paper traverses the relationship between wo/man, metal, and the more-than-human world. Drawing for new materialisms, specifically Bennett’s (2004, 2009) notion of (metallurgic) thing-power and

A descriptive phenomenological study of independent midwives' utilisation of intuition as an authoritative form of knowledge in practice

The study found that the experience and utilisation of the independent midwives’ intuition is a complex phenomenon that included the reception of subtle cues, own emotions, bodily-felt sensations, images and dreams.

The use of composite narratives to present interview findings

This research note describes the use of composite narratives to present interview data. A composite narrative uses data from several individual interviews to tell a single story. In the research



Embodied Enquiry: Phenomenological Touchstones for Research, Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Introduction: An Embodied Path at Beginning and End PART I: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: TOWARDS AESTHETIC AND EMBODIED PRACTICES The Qualitative Description of Human Experience: The Aesthetic Dimension The

Being With That: The Relevance of Embodied Understanding for Practice

  • L. Todres
  • Psychology
    Qualitative health research
  • 2008
This keynote presentation considers one way of articulating a more intimate relationship between the findings of qualitative research and the practice of care in health-related contexts by considering the kind of understanding that might be particularly relevant to everyday practice.

Oral versions of personal experience : three decades of narrative analysis

This text presents William Labov's and Joshua Waletsky's 1966 paper entitled, "Narrative Analysis: Oral Versions of Personal Experience". It then incorporates 47 contributions which utilize the

The lived experience of students in an accelerated nursing program: intersecting factors that influence experiential learning.

The goal of this interpretive research study was to articulate the lived experience of students in an accelerated master's of nursing entry program learning the practice of nursing within a clinical setting using interpretive phenomenological methods.

Silence, Stigma, and Shame: A Postmodern Analysis of Distress During Menopause

Findings include experiences of shame related to symptom experience and prevailing social discourses on menopause and aging that must be cautioned of the potential for silencing and withdrawal in women who may not be receiving adequate support.

Learning Formative Skills of Nursing Practice in an Accelerated Program

How students in an accelerated master’s degree entry program experientially learned the practice of nursing is described to describe how they developed a new understanding that changed their embodied ways of perceiving and orienting to the situation, as well as their skills and sense of agency.

The Narrativization of Experience in the Oral Style.

While acknowledging that the distinction between oral and literate styles of communication is not in reality a dichotomy, but a continuum of styles, this paper focuses on the oral style. Many child...

The experience of obesity among adolescent girls: A phenomenological study

Author(s): Wertz, Marcia Stanley | Advisor(s): Malone, Ruth E | Abstract: THE EXPERIENCE OF OBESITY AMONG ADOLESCENT GIRLS:A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDYMarcia S. WertzABSTRACTThe increased prevalence of

Voices of graduates from second-degree baccalaureate nursing programs.

  • Pamela R. Cangelosi
  • Education
    Journal of professional nursing : official journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • 2007

The impact of health care access on the community reintegration of male parolees

Findings suggest a need for new ways of conceptualizing reintegration that includes health more centrally in the processes of success or failure in the health care system.