The component masses of the cataclysmic variable V 347

  title={The component masses of the cataclysmic variable V 347},
  author={T. D. Thoroughgood and Vikram S. Dhillon and Daniel Steeghs and Christopher A. Watson and David A. H. Buckley and Stuart P. Littlefair and David Andrew Smith and Martin D. Still and Kurt van der Heyden and Brian Warner},
We present time–resolved spectroscopy and photometry of the double–lined eclipsing cataclysmic variable V347 Pup (= LB 1800). There is evidence of irradiation on the inner hemisphere of the secondary star, which we correct for using a model to give a secondary star radial velocity of KR = 198 ± 5 km s . The rotational velocity of the secondary star in V347 Pup is found to be v sin i = 131 ± 5 km s and the system inclination is i = 84.0 ± 2.3. From these parameters we obtain masses of M1 = 0.63… CONTINUE READING