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The complexity of testing all properties of planar graphs, and the role of isomorphism

  title={The complexity of testing all properties of planar graphs, and the role of isomorphism},
  author={Sabyasachi Basu and Akash Kumar and Seshadhri Comandur},
  journal={Electron. Colloquium Comput. Complex.},
Consider property testing on bounded degree graphs and let ε > 0 denote the proximity parameter. A remarkable theorem of Newman-Sohler (SICOMP 2013) asserts that all properties of planar graphs (more generally hyperfinite) are testable with query complexity only depending on ε. Recent advances in testing minor-freeness have proven that all additive and monotone properties of planar graphs can be tested in poly(ε) queries. Some properties falling outside this class, such as Hamiltonicity, also… Expand

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Every minor-closed property of sparse graphs is testable
The proof combines results from the theory of graph minors with results on convergent sequences of sparse graphs, which rely on martingale arguments, to infer that many well studied graph properties, like being planar, outer-planar, series-parallel, bounded genus, bounded tree-width and several others, are testable with a constant number of queries. Expand
A Characterization of Graph Properties Testable for General Planar Graphs with one-Sided Error (It's all About Forbidden Subgraphs)
  • A. Czumaj, C. Sohler
  • Computer Science
  • 2019 IEEE 60th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS)
  • 2019
The sufficient condition in the characterization reduces the problem to the task of testing H-freeness in planar graphs, and is the main and most challenging technical contribution of the paper. Expand
Property Testing in Bounded Degree Graphs
This work develops the study of testing graph properties as initiated by Goldreich, Goldwasser and Ron and presents randomized algorithms for testing whether an unknown bounded-degree graph is connected, k -connected (for k>1 ), cycle-free and Eulerian. Expand
A Quasi-Polynomial Time Partition Oracle for Graphs with an Excluded Minor
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Planar Graphs: Random Walks and Bipartiteness Testing
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Local Graph Partitions for Approximation and Testing
A new tool for approximation and testing algorithms called partitioning oracles, which utilize only local computation to consistently answer queries about a global partition that breaks the graph into small connected components by removing only a small fraction of the edges, is introduced. Expand
Every property of hyperfinite graphs is testable
It is shown that the structure of a planar graph on large enough number of vertices, n, and with constant maximum degree d, is determined, up to the modification (insertion or deletion) of at most ε d n edges, by the frequency of k-discs for certain k=k(ε,d) that is independent of the size of the graph. Expand
Random walks and forbidden minors III: poly(d/?)-time partition oracles for minor-free graph classes
A consequence of the result is a poly(dε−1)-query tester for any monotone and additive property of minor-closed families (such as bipartite planar graphs) and gives poly( dε −1)- query algorithms for additive εn-approximations for problems such as maximum matching, minimum vertex cover, maximum independent set, and minimum dominating set for these graph families. Expand
Open Problems in Property Testing of Graphs
  • Oded Goldreich
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Colloquium Comput. Complex.
  • 2021
A few open problems in the study of various models of testing graph properties, focusing on the query complexity of the various tasks, and the vast lack of knowledge with respect to testinggraph properties in the general graph model. Expand
Testing Hamiltonicity (and other problems) in Minor-Free Graphs
The notion of covering partitions oracles is introduced which is a relaxed version of partition oracles and designed as a poly(d/ǫ)-time covering partition oracle for this family of graphs for minor-free unbounded degree graphs. Expand