The complex problem of sensitive skin.

  title={The complex problem of sensitive skin.},
  author={Marie Marriott and J A Holmes and Lisa Peters and Karen S Cooper and Matthew J Rowson and David A Basketter},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={53 2},
There exists within the population subsets of individuals who display heightened skin reactivity to materials the majority find tolerable. In a series of investigations, we have examined interrelationships between many of the endpoints associated with the term 'sensitive skin'. In the most recent work, 58 volunteers were treated with 10% lactic acid, 50% ethanol, 0.5% menthol and 1.0% capsaicin on the nasolabial fold, unoccluded, with sensory reactions recorded at 2.5 min, 5 min and 8 min after… CONTINUE READING