The complete mitogenome of the giant clam Tridacna squamosa (Heterodonta: Bivalvia: Tridacnidae).

  title={The complete mitogenome of the giant clam Tridacna squamosa (Heterodonta: Bivalvia: Tridacnidae).},
  author={Han Ming Gan and Huan You Gan and Mun Hua Tan and Shane S Penny and Richard C. Willan and Christopher M Austin},
  journal={Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis},
  volume={27 5},
The complete mitochondrial genome of the commercially and ecologically important and internationally vulnerable giant clam Tridacna squamosa was recovered by genome skimming using the MiSeq platform. The T. squamosa mitogenome has 20,930 base pairs (62.35% A+T content) and is made up of 12 protein-coding genes, 2 ribosomal subunit genes, 24 transfer RNAs, and a 2594 bp non-coding AT-rich region. The mitogenome has a relatively large insertion in the atp6 gene. This is the first mitogenome to be… CONTINUE READING


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